Welcome to the entry portal for the Magnum Expression Award, please take a moment read the following submissions guidelines summary before uploading your entries. Good luck!

- You can enter a maximum of 9 photographs. Entry images must be numbered in the order that you wish them to be presented, with the name of the entrant coming first in the file name, followed by the first letter of the entrant’s first name, followed by the image number (e.g. For an entrant named John Smith the files would be named as follows – SmithJ01, SmithJ02, SmithJ03 etc.). Please do not use any spacing in the file names.

- Each entrant must submit a text statement as a PDF document in which you provide a brief biography and tell us about your motivations for producing the project, your relationship to the subject, the audience you would like to reach, and the innovative methods you have used or will use in the production and distribution of the work. Statements should be in English if possible. Please download this template for your text statement and please be sure to save it as a PDF document before uploading.

NOTE: This award is now closed.